grub, green issues and gays


Going self-sufficient is a dream I’ve had for years – I’ve gathered a few resources here for future reference, if I ever manage to live out my dream of living off the grid…

Resources and reference:


A great guide to growing a sustainable veg garden. Lots of info about natural pest prevention, compost etc. The Moneyless Manifesto is a huge resource, all available online, but worth taking with a pinch of salt. The guy who wrote it seems to have been lucky enough to live off a mate’s land (so didn’t have to pay rent), has no real solution for how to deal with needing sanitary items (lucky bloke), and also claimed that he cured his own bollock infection by jizzing in someone. As I say, pinch of salt. A really big one.


Natural, cheap bee-keeping, including plans for a top-bar hive.

Housing/planning permission

Low Impact – site full of resources for low-impact homes

Llamas – an ecovillage in Wales
Being Somewhere – part of Lammas
Great article on Llamas from Reasons To Be Cheerful

A few loopholes to consider

One Planet Council – related to ecobuilds/living low-impact in Wales

The Land Is Ours – lots of info on planning, land ownership, campaigning

Field to Farm – how to live on agricultural land without permission (book and forum)

Diggers and Dreamers – guide/info about commune life


Useful books we have bought or are intending to buy!

Tiny homes, simple shelter – Lloyd Khan

Building with cob – Adam Weismann

Building with straw bales – Barbara Jones

Solar electricity handbook – Michael Boxwell

A beginner’s guide to self-sufficiency – Nancy Ross

Practical self-sufficiency – Dick Strawbridge

How to store your home-grown produce – John Harrison

The humanure handbook – Joseph C Jenkins

Make: Electronics – Charles Platt

How to grow perennial vegetables – Martin Crawford