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Green alternatives for “that time of the month” (surprise, it’s not more Mooncups)

Green alternatives for “that time of the month” (surprise, it’s not more Mooncups)

Hello lovelies – it’s been a long old time since I last wrote on this little green blog. What with The Situation going on at the moment, I’m flip-flopping between being paralysed with fear about everything, and sitting in an idiotic state of Zen. Today, my zen state demanded I write something on here, so I wanted to tell everyone about the literal best thing I’ve discovered in my quest to be more environmentally-friendly: reusable period items.

“Oh no”, I hear you complain – “I tried that damn Mooncup, it didn’t work for me, I felt like I had an egg cup in my minge”. But AHA – SO DID I, friends, which is why I’m writing about the bestest ever alternative – washable sanitary pads.

When I first happened upon them, I was unsure. They looked bulky, I was worried they’d smell, and the thought of washing out blood from them was something I was not very keen on. However, after reading a few reviews, I settled on these Floating Lotus pads – they’re black, rather than the “children’s pyjama” colours a lot of reusable pads seem to come in, for starters. They’re made in the UK too, and the comments on Amazon (I know, I know) seemed really encouraging. They’re made in Warwickshire, came in brown card packaging (no plastic!), and are vegan too.

Black sanitary pads made by The Floating Lotus

The proof is in the using, of course, and I have to say that I’m a complete convert now. They don’t smell, at all, they hold a LOT of blood (they come in different sizes, so you don’t always have to wear a huge one), and while they are bulkier than normal disposable pads, they’re much comfier. They don’t chafe at the sides of your pants, or get sweaty, or feel wet, really, at all. Both me and my partner have used them for six months now, and I wouldn’t ever switch back, unless I was somewhere that made washing them difficult (after wearing, you rinse out in the bath or in a sink, then wash as normal in the machine). I was worried about using them while out and about, but as long as you’re in a toilet with a sink, and remember your wet bag (which they come with), it’s no hassle at all. Not that we can go anywhere at the moment, but still, it’s nice to dream!

This isn’t a sponsored post, I’ve just been so happy with these that I felt I needed to share – and maybe break a bit of the stigma around finding Mooncups uncomfortable to use. I felt like I was failing at my “green credentials” a bit by not being happy using a Mooncup or similar, but these washable pads are a brilliant alternative. So if you find yourself wanting to reduce the amount of waste you throw away during that special (awful) time of the month, give these a go!

Char x

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