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BVBG: Buttermilk & Maple, Welsh Back

BVBG: Buttermilk & Maple, Welsh Back

Hello friends! Today’s veggie breakfast was an unexpected treat – having originally planned to eat at Ironworks around the corner, we were disappointed when, after waiting an hour, we were told the kitchen had lost our order! We weren’t happy, so left in search of a less busy place for brunch on a Saturday afternoon. A quick google produced Buttermilk & Maple, a restaurant attached to the Mercure hotel on Welsh Back, right next to the river.

I’ve eaten in restaurants attached to hotels before, and to be honest, they’ve all been mostly-ok, but nothing exciting or memorable. At this point however, we were starving, so after seeing a veggie breakfast option on the menu, we took a seat. We were immediately welcomed by a lovely host and had our orders taken, cups of tea brought out (all within 5 minutes of arriving).

A few minutes later we were presented with a fantastic-looking pile of roasted vegetables, whole meal toast, poached eggs and baked beans. Our earlier dismissiveness turned to joy – everything was delicious! Grilled aubergine, red onion, tomato, courgette and a massive flat mushroom – not your typical breakfast! Everything was tasty, well-seasoned, and the eggs were cooked perfectly.

They also seem to have a policy of only employing beautiful people as staff – well done ?

It wasn’t the cheapest, at £8.90 each, plus drinks, but I’d definitely go back.

Buttermilk & Maple gets a hearty 4/5!

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