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BVBG: Eat Your Greens, Totterdown

BVBG: Eat Your Greens, Totterdown

Things have been a bit quiet on the Bristol Veggie Breakfast Guide front recently (moving house again, illnesses and life getting in the way) but I’m happy to report we’re back on track! On a slightly hungover Saturday morning, we took a trip over to Totterdown for a bit of brunch, and stumbled upon Eat Your Greens, a vegan cafe / restaurant on Wells Road.

The menu at Eat Your Greens is varied enough to offer something for everyone, but small enough to give you confidence that they’ve really thought about the selection, and perfected it. We, of course, opted for “The Beast” – the full English. Descriptions don’t do it justice, but photos do…


I mean. Just look at that. What you see before you comprises of 2 vegan sausages, hash browns, herby mushrooms, steamed greens, a fried tomato, beans, sourdough toast, and two crispy fried tofu slices. It sounds like a lot, and it is – The Beast kept me full from midday until the evening.

At £9.50, it’s definitely not the cheapest breakfast we’ve featured, but I’m of the mindset that quality is worth paying for. Each component of The Beast was beautifully done – the sausages (maybe made-in house?) were delicious – soft inside and crispy outside, made of mushrooms perhaps, with a lovely texture, not dry at all. The mushroom slices were thick and generous, and full of flavour thanks to the herby butter they were cooked in. But the crowning glory were the tofu slices – lightly battered and fried, I could have eaten a whole stack of them and been happy.


I’d really like to go back soon to try their evening menu – if it’s as good as The Beast, we’ll be in for a treat!

For me, The Beast has edged out the previous winner, and become our best veggie breakfast in Bristol – a stonking 10 leaves out of 10!

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