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BVBG: The Ironworks, Bristol

BVBG: The Ironworks, Bristol

It’s possible that The Ironworks Supply Co on Broad Street is the coolest place to have brunch in Bristol. Not only do they sell awesome bike-related clothing (motor, not pedal), but they serve breakfasts, lunches, and some of the best coffee I’ve had for ages.

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More often than not, you’ll see a range of bikes parked outside – have a drool over those before you go inside to do the same over the menu.

I’ve been to the Ironworks a few times for lunch as well as breakfast, but realised I’d not properly reviewed them yet! What better excuse to mooch down there on a bank holiday?

Ironworks do a good selection of veggie and vegan breakfasts alongside their meaty ones – I chose the veggie breakfast, and she chose the mushroom royale – mushrooms, buttered spinach, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. She was also jealous of my hash brows, so added some on the side…

The inclusion of buttered spinach in the veggie breakfast was great – it’s nice to have something a bit different from egg/sausage/potato/tomato. The hash browns are more like little fried potato cubes, but I’m not complaining – just enough saltiness to offset the mushrooms and grilled cherry tomatoes. The only point I’d gripe about was the mushrooms – lots of them (good) but needs more butter/salt flavour to really make them stand out.

Their coffee is also worth mentioning – they serve Australian brand Di Lorenzo, rich and full-bodied – the perfect thing to wake you up.

Every time we’ve been to Ironworks it’s been packed, and with breakfasts like this I can see why. I’d happily give them 9 spanners out of 10!

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