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BVBG: The Roots Lounge, Bristol

BVBG: The Roots Lounge, Bristol

Here at the Bristol Veggie Breakfast Guide, we appreciate eggs. My better half and fellow breakfast-tester, Sarah, is an especially passionate fan of eggs in all their forms. So when I told her we were going for breakfast at a newly-opened vegan cafe, she was a bit unsure.

The Roots Lounge on St Nicholas Street (next to the covered market) has only been open a week, and was still in soft-launch mode – however, we didn’t mind at all, as when we arrived and sat down, we were immediately given a pancake to try “because the chef is testing the recipe”. Off to a very good start already…

Their menu consists of breakfasts, lunch options (sandwiches, wraps etc) and a good selection of coffees, teas and cakes. The venue inside is cosy but not cramped – with two rooms, one brighter and one more intimate, with decent music playing. We ordered two large breakfasts:


I mean. Feast your eyes on that. Not a plate of “oh yeah, remember vegetarians? Let’s do a breakfast for them” – this was a breakfast designed from the ground up, to cater to a meat-free diet.

The beans were spicy, peppery and varied – not just baked beans with some BBQ sauce chucked in. The yellow stuff is scrambled tofu, complete with peppers – the perfect alternative to scrambled eggs. Even the Egg Girlfriend deemed it a success. It also came with two great vegan sausages, a homemade bubble and squeak hash (crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy in the middle), mushrooms, toast, and VEGAN BLACK PUDDING. You read that right – I didn’t even know they made that. It tastes amazing, by the way.

Check out those massive slices of toast too – not cold (important), thick and delicious. I had a cuppa tea (with oat milk) as well, and before we left we also tried a brownie cupcake – another success, squadgy and full of nuts (anyone who leaves nuts out of a brownie should not be allowed to bake).

The atmosphere in the Roots Lounge is also fantastic – the owner is friendly, chatty and welcoming. They have a fantastic Twitter, frequently sharing photos of cakes and currently, the decorating process.

We opted for the large breakfast at £6.95, but they also do a smaller one for £4.95 (which, to be honest, would have sufficed). Drinks weren’t expensive either, which puts them at a similar price range to other breakfast menus in Bristol. Personally, I think the Roots Lounge is a cut above the rest though – they’ve managed to make some really tasty food, specifically for vegans. Not as an afterthought, not just “oh do a stuffed mushroom” – everything on the menu is vegan. I’ll definitely be going back soon to try the wraps for lunch.

Best veggie (and vegan) breakfast I’ve had in Bristol so far – I give the Roots Lounge a stonking 10 scrambled tofus out of 10!

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