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BVBG: Grounded, Bedminster

BVBG: Grounded, Bedminster

Off to the exotic vistas of Bedmo today, to try Grounded‘s veggie breakfast offering. Conveniently sited opposite a massive Asda, and there’s always the possibility you’ll see a lady walking a skunk (no, really). Grounded is a chain in Bristol with a few branches dotted around – it’s family-friendly and not badly-priced, either. We had a bit of a wait for our breakfasts, but they were pretty busy, and I did get to earwig on an old lady telling her friend she’d recently joined Snapchat while I was waiting…


Looks-wise, this is one of the best we’ve had so far. This is the Veggie Full English, and comes with buttered kale, as well as two veggie sausages. The kale was a bit limp, sadly – but I’ve had it before and it’s been really nice, so perhaps an off day? The sausages are good too (and you get two of them, as well as two eggs) – similar in texture to veggie burgers or nut cutlets, with grated carrot baked in. The hash browns were decent too – had a slightly cheesy taste? Beans in a ramekin again, alas, and not a huge amount, but the big grilled mushroom makes up for it – actually has some flavour. Someone’s taken time and love over that mushroom. Only one slice of toast, which was a bit pale and cold, and had margarine on it, when the menu clearly said butter – uh oh.

Price: £7 for the Veggie Full English.

Not a bad brekkie, but I’ve had better – 7 mushrooms out of 10.

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