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BVBG: Patisserie Valerie, Bristol

BVBG: Patisserie Valerie, Bristol

Zut alors! Patisserie Valerie is best-known for serving delicious cakes and desserts, usually piled high with cream and chocolate. So I was surprised to see that they also do lunch, sandwiches and all-day breakfasts! We popped in to give them a try…


First impressions: good amount of toast. That pot of tea is enormous, but it was also almost £3 – to be honest, a single cup would have been fine. Beans in ramekin – never needed, just let those bad boys mingle with the rest of the breakfast. The mushrooms were pretty crap – watery and tasteless (I think they were frozen). However, the one redeeming feature of this breakfast was the “spinach and cheese frittata”, which was a bit like a cheesy, mini-omelette. Tasty, but couldn’t save this breakfast, sadly.

Too pricey, a bit meh – I give this 3 sausages out of 10.

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