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BVBG: Mocha Berry Cafe, Glastonbury

BVBG: Mocha Berry Cafe, Glastonbury

Glastonbury, being one of the most hippy-dippy places on Planet Earth, should have a wealth of vegetarian options, so we thought we’d make a start here! We stopped at Mocha Berry during a trip to buy mead at Shieldmaiden (worth the drive, it’s lush and you can pretend you’re a Viking) and decided it was time for the inaugural Bristol Veggie Breakfast Guide review. Yes, I know this is technically Glastonbury, but it’s fairly close, so shut up.

We went for the Full Veggie Breakfast option (why wouldn’t you) with wholemeal toast and tea. The staff at Mocha Berry are really friendly, and it’s lovely and bright inside. The service was really quick, and the cafe was crammed, so obviously popular.


Now, first off – those hash browns are a bit anaemic. A deep fryer is essential to any fried breakfast, and sadly it seems to have been sidestepped here. However, the veggie sausage was really nice, one of the best I’ve tasted, and the egg was well done. There’s two tomatoes here, but the breakfast only comes with one (my girlfriend doesn’t like them, so I get hers). Toast was really thick, and they supply plenty of butter – always a plus. The mushrooms were a bit underdone, and beans are, well… beans. But at least there’s plenty of them.

Not a bad start to our breakfast guide – I give Mocha Berry 6 out of 10!

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